Illustrated cover books for the Vintage Book Week artist challenge. 
There were 4 different prompts, based on original vintage book covers, which can be a base for my version or be different.
Prompt 1 - "Clementine. A Mattel Music Maker Book". The original cover is on the left, my version is on the right.
I liked the main characters, but I wanted to make them a bit more "modern vintage", so I kept some textures, ornaments, and details from clothes. 
The yellow color of the cover and a little bit more dynamic composition made the cover more positive and playful.
Prompt 2 - "Olivier l'ours savant. Les Albums Roses", which translated from France how "Olivier the wise bear. Pink albums." 
The original cover is on the left, and my version - is on the right.
Prompt 3 - "The road to OZ", A Little Golden Book Classic. 
The left one - the original cover, the right one - is my version​​​​​
I wanted to make the characters more involved and interconnected, so I changed poses slightly.
The last prompt - is "Peter Pan". The original cover illustrated by Ruth Wood is so beautiful and absolutely inimitable. Therefore, I set myself the goal to play a little with the composition, leaving the main idea. I also presented the characters a little differently, in a more modern way.
A little bit of searching process:
And a final result:
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