Here is my entry work for the Princeton Architectural Press poster competition POSTERS FOR THE PLANET.
I come from the Kola Peninsula (my hometown is Murmansk - far in the north of Russia). In this region, there is a large concentration of the Russian nuclear power industry, the nuclear fleet, and the nuclear power plant. So the problem of disposal of hazardous and nuclear waste is also quite acute. 
The problems of ecology and utilization are what I have observed and realized since childhood, and participation in this project is especially important for me.​​​​​​​
Like the vast majority of illustrative works, all begin from an idea and a sketch. I wanted to create something on the verge of shock, something which would reveal all the everydayness and at the same time all the enormity of the problem.
That's why I have chosen the story about a "regular" dinner for two with waste mixed with food on plates. Then I picked a color palette with retro fleur because I wanted my poster to have some old-fashioned, pale and grained view, intensifying the idea of waste and Earth pollution. Usually, I work in vector, so that poster also has drawn in vector Adobe Fresco first and then was mixed with textures and effects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
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